Guardian Home Security


Developed a comprehensive Home Monitoring/Security System using a combination of React, C++, HTML, CSS, and SQL. The project integrates NodeMCUs as input sensors strategically placed around my house, including door sensors and temperature sensors. Two distinct React applications were designed for this system: one functions as a desktop program, while the other operates as a mobile app on a phone. The desktop app, hosted on a Raspberry Pi, serves as a central hub for monitoring various house data, including real-time notifications for opened doors. The mobile app offers the same functionality but ensures mobility for remote house monitoring.


Sole Developer and Designer



The fully functional Home Security/Status System provides real-time insights into house security and status. The application is securely hosted on a private server within a closed network, ensuring complete control and privacy. The testing version of the app is is available to view but only has testing sensors integrated. The fully functioning app is being used in my home on a private application and server.

Technologies Used

React, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Node.js